The model has found love and wants everyone to hear about it

Tucker Pillsbury – better known by his stage name, Role Model – is ready to ditch his indie sad boy persona for a more upbeat look. The 24-year-old musician told HYPEBEAST that after building a brand on “being anti-love, hating everyone and not leaving home,” his new album Rx leans fully into the power of love.

“I started the album process at the same time that I fell in love for the first time in my life,” Pillsbury told HYPEBEAST, explaining the change in his sound style. “It’s something that I’ve always been very closed off to all my life, which I think you can hear in my earlier music. It was something scary to me, always, and when it happens, it hits you like a train.

Her private but not secret relationship — teased in her “neverletyougo” music video — is the seedling that helped the lovestruck album blossom. In fact, the 24-year-old singer admitted that he had to cut several tracks from the final disc because he wrote an excessive amount of romantic songs on his first attempt.

“I write my own songs, and it was in my head, so all the love songs were pouring out,” he said. “And at some point I remember sitting down with [my producer] Spencer and realizing we had, like, two love song albums. It was like, ‘Cool, you’re in love. Kiss my ass.'”

After removing several grittier love songs from the album, Pillsbury shifted his focus to instead focus on “woman power”, reflecting on the strength of female energy and how his romantic partnership has since changed its perspective. Rxwhich took two full years to create before its release earlier this month, naturally pays homage to the maturation of these emotions.

“I just wanted to emphasize how powerful this person has come into my life and how much I needed it,” he said. “I’m not a religious person, but I guess it’s similar to how someone finds God or waits for a miracle or something. There are a lot of religious references in the album because of that.

“The album is about love,” he concluded. “It’s about the power of a woman, the power of this person and how it changed me.”

The disc, which has 11 featureless tracks, also marked a shift in Pillsbury’s approach to music-making. What started as a one-man operation grew into a much larger production, requiring creative oversight from executive producer Spencer Stewart. With more eyes on his work, Pillsbury noted he was more open to outside criticism on “melodies, structure and harmony” this time around, but it was still crucial for him to maintain control. total writing.

“It all starts acoustically,” he explained of his specific formula for songwriting. “I go in with the producer and we do about 10 guitar or piano loops. I take them home and write them a song or two and leave the next day or the following week. Then we turn them into fully produced songs.

Pillsbury, who are currently embarking on a world tour in support of the album, recently performed at Coachella’s Gobi Stage during the first weekend of the festival. There, he was surprised to hear his fans already repeating the lyrics to his newly released tracks.

“I rely a lot on the crowd to help me with these songs. It’s very inclusive,” he said. “So I was super stressed. I was like, nobody’s going to know what’s new, but they did. They’re so above it.

While touring around the world, Pillsbury is already making progress on their second album. And while he didn’t say much about what to expect from the upcoming project, he did promise fans that the waiting period would be shorter this time around.

“I’m trying not to take two years this time, that would be my goal,” he said. “I just want to start taking them out.”

Listen to Role Model’s debut album, Rxbelow.

Rebecca R. Santistevan