That’s really immature, you can’t be a role model that way: Gambhir slams Kohli

Furious at the decision, a furious Kohli approached the stumps and said: “Also focus on your team when they shine the ball, not just the opposition. Trying to catch people all the time. “

Rahul and Ashwin also expressed similar reactions. It’s the whole country against 11 guys, KL Rahul said, while Ashwin slammed the broadcaster: “You should find better ways to win, SuperSport.”

“No matter what you say, stuff like he’s playing with his heart on his sleeve, that reaction was over the top and you can’t be a role model in that way. No aspiring cricketer would want to see that kind of reaction, especially from the Indian captain,” Gambhir said.

“Whatever the outcome of this Test match is not what you expect from a Test captain who has captained the team for so long. I hope Rahul Dravid has a word with him as the type of captain Dravid was, he would have never reacted that way.”

Former South African drummer Daryll Cullinan also slammed Kohli for his outburst, saying he’s gotten away with such behavior for too long.

“He’s the typical Virat untouchable, he behaves the way he wants to behave. The rest of the cricketing world bows down to Virat. The powerhouse is India. I hate to say this, but it’s been going on for years “, did he declare. .

“That’s just the big gripe towards India and everyone who plays for India. They are untouchable so everyone will laugh about it.”

The 54-year-old, who scored 4554 points in 70 Tests and 3860 points in 138 ODIs, believes Kohli should be reprimanded for his behavior.

“I love Virat Kohli, I love his cricket, I love the way he plays. But there has to be a line drawn somewhere to say hang in there, you need to be punished severely.”

“If anything, it was a mistake. I just can’t believe they could think like that. For too long, Virat has been running away with unacceptable behavior on a cricket pitch. is Kohli and I don’t like it, to be honest.”

Rebecca R. Santistevan