Michelle Yeoh talks about being a role model for Asian actors

As Yeoh continues to change the industry with her talent, strength, and deep love for the characters she portrays. But until Hollywood becomes as diverse as “Everything Everywhere All At Once” or “Crazy Rich Asians,” that isn’t going to change anytime soon. “The change has to be deep and far-reaching, and it’s not just for Asians to make the changes,” Yeoh told the South China Morning Post. “We need studio heads to change, and we also need more female writers, for there to be real equality.”

For Yeoh, it’s about standing up for your position as an actor and speaking your mind if you think the portrayal isn’t right. “It’s not the actors’ fault if they play roles that make you say, ‘Oh my God, no, don’t do that because it’s a stereotype,'” she told Harper’s Bazaar: “But it’s the writers, it’s the producers, it’s the ones who say, ‘Oh no, but that’s what the audience wants.'”

What audiences really want is a diverse, realistic and relatable portrayal of the world on the big screen. “Just give us a chance to audition, a chance to choose the character. Don’t box us, label us, or anyone for that matter. Actors are actors as long as it’s the right role.”

Rebecca R. Santistevan