“Metsola – a perfect role model for so many girls and young women”

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Tista’ taqra bil-

Roberta Metsola is the perfect role model for so many girls and young women, Empower, a platform for women’s organizations, said on Wednesday.

Congratulating Metsola after his election as President of the European Parliament, the platform said his election was a milestone in Malta’s history on many levels.

Metsola elected EP president in a landslide victory

“As the smallest member of the European Union, Malta has shown time and time again that this small nation is full of talented individuals capable of achieving great things. Roberta Metsola is one such person,” the statement read. .

The platform pointed out that Metsola burst into the European Parliament with determination, determination and will, with strong motivation, strength of character and unwavering principles.

“Roberta Metsola not only did Malta proud today, but she is also the perfect role model for so many girls and young women, showing them that sex shouldn’t get in the way of any of their ambitions. Every girl has the right to become the person she wants!

The platform brings together 11 grassroots organizations under one umbrella and works to promote positive change and advocate for the removal of barriers to gender equality where they exist.

On Tuesday, Metsola was elected president with 458 out of 705 valid votes.

“For all those who dare and those who have dared to dream”

Valiant Woman – NSTF

The National Student Travel Foundation (NSTF) said that “every worthy citizen of Malta recognizes, and even acclaims, a valiant woman such as Roberta Metsola has proven to be for her outstanding achievements.

The foundation noted that Metsola has never been shy about declaring his origins with pride.

“She belongs to a generation that has witnessed Malta’s struggle to secure its place in its natural home – Europe,” NSTF said, and added that Metsola was an active player in this process, a process previously called “the process of Europeanisation” by the President of the Council of Europe Anders Bjork during his address to the European mini-assembly of the NSTF.

The foundation said it was honored to have helped form Metsola.

“We hope that all parties will act as a united front” – MDA

Similarly, the Malta Developers Association congratulated Metsola on his election as President of the European Parliament.

“It is a great honor for our small island and for the entire Maltese population to have one of its MEPs chosen for this position with a large majority of votes from all EU Member States. and different political parties.

The Developers Lobby also noted the “positive manner” in which Malta’s current administration has welcomed the news and said it hoped it would help all parties acting as a united front, for the good of the country, the good of the Maltese. population and the welfare of Maltese industries.

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Rebecca R. Santistevan