John Daly isn’t shy about sharing his role model status

In 1993, basketball star Charles Barkley claimed he was not a model during a controversial Nike ad. This week, golfer John Daly, who is preparing for this week’s Hoag Classic in Newport Beach, Calif., was asked if he was a role model.

Daly wasn’t as outspoken as Barkley, who joked, “I’m not a role model.” Instead, the professional golfer answered the question while adding a little humor to it.

John Daly battles bladder cancer and a separated shoulder

John Daly waits to play on the 10th hole during the first round of the Cologuard Classic at Omni Tucson National on February 25, 2022 in Tucson, Arizona. | Chris Coduto/Getty Images.

In September 2020, Daly announced that he had been diagnosed with bladder cancer. He battled kidney stones and went to the doctor to see if he could have them removed. He was stunned when the doctor came back with the news.

“(The urologist said) there doesn’t seem to be any stones in there. But unfortunately you have bladder cancer,” Daly told The Golf Channel at the time. (scan) I was about to sip my Diet Coke and he said, ‘Don’t drink anything. We need to get you back here and get rid of this cancer.

While going through his treatments, he also had to endure a shoulder that is permanently separated, according to Yahoo Sports.

“It’s separate. I just play with it separate, that’s how I get a nice cut there. I don’t hit him anywhere anymore. Dally said. “Sometimes it comes back up and I have to take it out.”

John Daly shares his role model status

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Daly is a guy who tells as if it was and always has been. So his response came as no surprise when he answered the question of whether he was a model.

“Well, if you look up to me as a role model, if you do the opposite of John Daly, you will be very successful in life. That’s the only way I can answer that,” he said.

Daly wasn’t always the healthiest of people. Much of that came from his constant smoking and his love of fast food and diet sodas.

“I used to drink between 12 and 20 Diet Cokes a day,” Daly said in an interview with Graham Bensinger in 2016. “I used to go to McDonald’s three or four times a day. For me, they always had the best fountain drinks I don’t like water, I can’t stand drinking water I used to be able to eat two Big Macs, two or three cheeseburgers, a chocolate milkshake , ordinary Coke at the time, in one session quite easily.

Daly is always hip but never knows how he’ll feel day to day

Daly still loves his golf and gets there whenever possible. With his ongoing health issues, he never knows how he will feel when he wakes up.

“Some days are good, some days are bad,” Daly said, according to Yahoo Sports. “Some days I feel like Superman, some days I feel like Jimmy Hoffa six feet under.”

Daly was once known as the guy who hit the long ball, but now there are plenty who can blast the ball into oblivion. He says the game is won with the short game, and with his shoulder as it is, it’s working to his advantage now.

“When I arrived you heard about long riders competing in long haul championships,” he said. “Remax sponsored it and you had guys who could hit it 420, 450, almost 500 yards. When I came out it was me, Freddie Couples, Davis Love. It wasn’t – like no one had really heard of guys hitting really long except the three of us.

“The game of golf has always been around the short game and the middle irons. When I came out, I hope I changed it a bit. But at the end of the day, it still doesn’t matter, guys score because of how they hit and put and all that, but now there’s probably 50 guys who could hit over 350 yards on the PGA Tour.

Although his golf game and some of his bad habits have changed, his personality has not changed. And it’s a good thing.

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Rebecca R. Santistevan