Is Emma Chamberlain a dating model? Meet the musician

Emma Chamberland is a certified it-girl, but who is her certified it-boy? Meet her rumored musician boyfriend, Model aka Tucker Pillsbury.

The YouTuber sparked romance rumors with Tucker in August 2020 and has since been seen with him numerous times, including in his music video for “NeverLetYouGo” and the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party! It came as a shock to many Emma fans due to her PR comments in the past.

“[I don’t show] very personal details of my life that are changing rapidly,” she said. W Magazine in June 2019. “For example, I don’t like to go into too much detail about very, very personal aspects of my relationships with family or friends. I don’t like to show too much. There’s a line for me, and I like to keep things very light, nothing serious,” she said.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever have a public relationship, ever. And it doesn’t come from experience in any way; it comes from morality. I talk about what feels right to me. Breakups alone are absolutely the most horrible thing that exists. Why would you want other people to be heartbroken with you? I can’t imagine that. And also, I don’t like to see other people’s relationships. It’s boring and it’s disgusting.

Since then, fans have been dying to learn more about the man who won their favorite YouTuber’s heart. Tucker has been on the music scene since 2017, with his debut EP arizona in summer and released his debut album titled Rx on April 8, 2022. He also released a handful of singles, including “blind” which many fans thought was about Emma. “I think I’m going blind, I hope that won’t change,” he sings. “Because I’ve never seen anything like you.” So cute!

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Rebecca R. Santistevan