Interceptor allowed Elsa Pataky to be a role model for her daughter

Elsa Pataky stars in a new action movie, Interceptor, which is slated for release this Friday on Netflix. As the star of several fast furious movies, the actress is obviously no stranger to the action genre, but it’s great to see her headlining her own film.

The best part is that it sounds like her husband, Marvel star Chris Hemsworth, is very supportive of Elsa getting into movies like Interceptor. Elsa chatted with Netflix Life about her movie and mentioned that Chris was the one who encouraged her to say yes to the role! It is fitting that he is also an executive producer of the film.

But it wasn’t just her husband’s encouragement that got Elsa into the film, she’s always dreamed of being an action star and as a mother Elsa is proud to make a film that allows her to be a role model for his children.

See what Elsa has to say about InterceptorWomen’s empowerment message and her sweet reasons to do so below!

INTERCEPTOR. Elsa Pataky as JJ Collins in INTERCEPTOR. cr. Brook Rushton/Netflix © 2022

Interceptor allowed Elsa Pataky to be a role model for her children

While fans may know Chris well from his starring role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Interceptor giving Elsa a chance to step in and challenge him for the House Action Parent title.

It was important for Elsa to show her daughters that they can do whatever they want and nothing can stop them. “Even for my little boys too, it’s a good lesson,” she says.

Read his full quote:

Being a stay-at-home mom and Chris being the do-it-yourself house man, my kids just saw me as a mom, picking them up from school and [preparing] their lunch boxes, so being a role model for my daughter to say, okay, your mom can kick ass in those movies too and be an action hero. It’s to show her that she can do whatever you want and that nothing can stop you. And even for my little boys too, it’s a good lesson.

Elsa Pataky on Interceptor’s strong message of female empowerment

Not only is Interceptor Full of tense action sequences and impressive fights, the film also has a strong message of female empowerment threaded into its DNA. Elsa spoke to Netflix Life about how director and co-writer Matthew Reilly wanted to create an intriguing backstory for the female lead, Captain JJ Collins.

JJ’s added depth gave Elsa plenty of content to play with, making her “interesting to play”.

It was interesting how [Matthew] wanted to tell the story of this woman. He wanted a woman with that story behind her, who’s been through life and had a lot of experiences and been through a lot. There was a heaviness to the character that was interesting to play, which he gives the reason why she doesn’t want to give up is because everything she’s been going through before. It brings a lot to the character, making her more than an action girl.

Interceptor begins streaming this Friday, June 3.

Rebecca R. Santistevan