Here is a pattern for DIGS, Dads Into Gun Safety

This dad from Oregon is setting an example when it comes to gun safety.


In yesterday’s column, I described a possible public health model for preventing gun violence based on the success of MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving. This new model would be based on Dads and called DIGS, Dads Into Gun Safety.

I called on dads to become role models and guides for boys and men, especially those who are insane, to avoid acquiring guns in order to gain real or imagined power that could cause more harm than good.

What I didn’t know at the time was that there was already a new model yesterday that I could have used. I will do it now. I saw CNN’s Alisyn Camerota interview Ben Beers.

Shortly after the Uvalde tragedy, Ben Beers, a former Marine and father of 2, turned in his weapons, an AR-15 and a handgun, to Hillsboro, Oregon police and confirmed by them, in order to destroy them. The AR-15 is the lethal military grade firearm used by many mass shooters.

He said it was the responsible thing to do and he didn’t care to protect his family without them. At least he hoped it would be symbolic.

He forwarded it on TikTok and it went viral. He reported that most of the comments were mostly positive, although some were negative, like “you’re not a man.”

At least based on the DIGS model, he’s a new man worthy of emulation. Have you heard of others?

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Rebecca R. Santistevan