Edward McKissic of Group 1 Automotive: We want to be a global role model in diversity and inclusion

“Anyone you talk to who doesn’t acknowledge last year would be remiss,” said McKissic, who previously held human resources roles at companies including Hewlett Packard, Walmart and Walgreens, and earlier in his career. worked at a General Motors assembly plant in Lansing. , Mich. “None of us can deny the impact the last year has had on all of us.”

DE&I initiatives benefit from buy-in from the company’s senior management, he said. And Group 1 will be data-driven in its approach as it addresses “more systemic type issues”, he said. “We are looking more at policies, practices, programs, procedures around our employee life cycle.”

McKissic spoke with staff reporter Lindsay VanHulle about Group 1’s DE&I strategy. Here are edited excerpts.

Q: How does group 1 address this through the group?

A: We have developed a mission, a vision, a strategy and a plan to be executed more broadly across the company. Thus, the mission of the Group 1 DEI strategy is to create a culture in which all employees are committed to achieving our purpose, improving our business performance, serving our customers [and] community and strengthen our competitive advantage.

This is our mission. And we have a bold vision, and our vision is simple: to become a global model of diversity, equity and inclusion, and not just in the automotive industry. And we’re going to look at our infrastructure and take a look under the hood, if you will, and see what areas we need to fix around our policies, practices, programs, and procedures.

So from the time we hire an employee to the time we onboard them, everything about talent management, all of that – total rewards, retention – we look at it through the lens of DEI.

From this strategy, we have lifted four key pillars to focus on, [led by] our diversity council: talent acquisition, talent development, community development — internal and external — and women in the workplace.

What are the main results you would like to achieve?

If you’re wondering why DEI and why should we embark on this journey, it’s to help make Group 1 the employer of choice.

It’s to help us continue to attract and retain employees, to help us continue to create and demonstrate innovation, and to be able to be adaptable and be more efficient. To increase the net promotion scores of our employees.

We want people to talk about Group 1, that it’s a great place to work. To ensure that we deliver some programs that our truly diverse workforce can relate to.

Obviously, we want to continue to create shareholder value [as it] fits into our whole [environmental, social and corporate governance] strategy. There is a business reason for this body of work. So inside of that we have some key steps that we’ve defined that we need to take, including some basic things about educating our workforce on this body of work and why, and what what’s in it for them, and how it will continue to help us sustain our business and our business.

Rebecca R. Santistevan