Do the opposite of me’ – John Daly on being a role model

John Daly has advice for anyone who sees him as a role model – do the opposite of him and you’ll be fine! The 55-year-old two-time Major winner, who now plays on the Champions Tour, was known as the “Wild Thing” in his heyday in the 1990s due to his antics on and off the golf course.

He said: “If you look up to me as a role model, if you do the opposite of John Daly, you will do very well in life. That’s the only way I can answer that.

The 1995 Open champion is in action on the Champions Tour this week at the Hoag Classic in California. He still kicks the ball around 300 yards, although he played with a separated shoulder after opting out of surgery which would have left him with a short swing.

“I just play with it separate.” Dally said. “That’s how I get a nice cut there. I don’t hit him anywhere anymore. In fact, I played with my shoulder separated. Sometimes it comes back up and I have to pull it out. I went from a 30-yard draw with a steal of 320 to a 10-yard cut with only about 290. It’ll hurt when it’s cold, but I’ve had everything else from operations on both feet, in the back. That’s what happens when you get older. Some days I feel like Superman, some days I feel like Jimmy Hoffa six feet under.

Daly was one of golf’s first big hitters, but despite the game still going on again in terms of how many players are off the tee and how far they are now hitting it, the Californian feels that it’s is, and always has been, about the short game. He said: “When I came out, I hope I changed it a bit. But in the end it still doesn’t matter guys score because of how they chip and put and all that but now there’s probably 50 guys who could hit over 350 yards on the PGA Tour. It’s great to see, but they’re still chipping and putting.

In December, Daly teamed with his son John II to win the PNC Championship with a 36-hole tournament-record scramble score of 117.27 under par. While Tiger Woods, playing with his son Charlie, made headlines on his comeback, Team Daly beat Team Woods by two strokes to win the title. Away from golf, Daly has been busy recording a new album, Whiskey and Water, including a song with famed country music hall Willie Nelson, which is out this week.

Rebecca R. Santistevan