Delevingne wants to have an LGBTQ+ role model in teens

Model Cara Delevingne said she would have “hated” herself less if she had had an LGBTQ+ role model growing up.

The British star, 29, has previously described herself as pansexual and bisexual, but said last year that the way she identifies sexually changes frequently.

The actress also said her struggles with her sexuality left her with suicidal thoughts.

In the past she went out Pretty little Liars star Ashley Benson and musician St Vincent, but said “now I value my privacy so much”.

Speaking about the lack of LGBTQ+ role models growing up, Delevingne said Harper’s Bazaar United Kingdom“I think I would have hated myself less, I wouldn’t have been as ashamed if I had had someone.

“The one thing I’m happy about growing up queer and fighting it and hiding it is that it gives me so much fire and motivation to try to make people’s lives easier in some way. talking about it.”

Delevingne also said she dreams of motherhood but isn’t ready to start that journey just yet.

“I want to have babies. But not yet.

“I buy children’s clothes for my future child who does not exist.

“Baby shoes really appeal to me – they break my heart. I went shopping the other day and got these tiny Air Jordans, which are purple and have a lion on them.”

“I manifest…”, she added.

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Source: Press Association

Rebecca R. Santistevan