Christian Wood hints at role change Luka Doncic will love

The Dallas Mavericks wasted no time making major moves to improve their roster. On the heels of a 2022 Western Conference Finals, the team tackled its biggest problem: the frontcourt. They acquired Christian Wood from the Rockets in a trade and then JaVale McGee during free agency.

The winning culture seems to have already rubbed off on Christian Wood, who could change positions next season. According Tim McMahon, the former Rockets center is ready to play fourth for the Mavs next season after signing McGee. It’s a decision that will surely delight Luka Doncic.

Wood has primarily played center for most of his career (particularly in Detroit and Houston). However, he is relatively undersized for his position (standing at just 6’9). Switching to the power forward position is a logical move for the Mavs forward and will likely make life easier for him at both ends of the field.

As for Doncic, well, that move is perfect for his style of play. Wood’s floor-spacing ability and McGee’s vertical presence allow the Mavs star to play to his strengths in the pick-and- roll. Also, McGee probably won’t shut down the team’s games based on the game. That would allow Wood to play the middle spot in a five-out attack around Doncic.

Doncic isn’t worried about the Mavs roster just yet. Instead, Doncic is focusing on the international stage, looking to help Slovenia qualify for the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup. He’s been doing pretty well so far, destroying fools like he does in the NBA.

Rebecca R. Santistevan