Chika: our EMpower model for ethnic minorities

Chika Aghadiouno

Chika Aghadiuno, Global Enterprise Risk Director, is on the EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model list. These celebrate the achievements of the ethnic minority business community.

Peers and colleagues named the 2022 ethnic minority role models based on their experience and influence.

There are three lists:

  • Executives – to lead by example
  • Future Leaders – for their contribution to the inclusion of ethnic minorities
  • Advocates – for creating a more inclusive environment for ethnic minority colleagues

Chika came 31st on the EMpower 100 Ethnic Minority Executives list.

Chika helped create both Aviva’s Black Action Plan and Aviva’s Black History Month program, and continues to support initiatives such as anti-racism training. She also co-founded the Black Professionals Network as a cohort of Origins, Aviva’s employee resource group for faith, race, ethnicity and socio-economic background. This helped amplify black voices within the organization.

Outside of Aviva, Chika has engaged in multiple education and discussion initiatives and sessions in the insurance industry and the actuarial profession to promote and support black talent and inclusion. “The most gratifying aspect of this recognition is that it reflects, more than ever, the fruits of the efforts of a wave of individuals within Aviva over the past two years. I can attest to Aviva’s lofty standing in terms of consistent commitment and action, and I applaud everyone who has engaged with the often complex topics of race, ethnicity and diversity more generally.

I have seen greater organizational confidence, ever more interest from our employees, our regulators and other stakeholders. Challenges remain, of course, but I look forward to another year of learning, understanding and progress.

Congratulations Chika. For the complete list, visit the EMpower website.

We are focused on attracting, promoting and retaining more ethnic minority employees at all levels of the business. Having visible role models like Chika is an important part of that. Learn more about diversity and inclusion at Aviva.


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