Be a positive role model in environmentally responsible behaviors | Letter

Although every day is Earth Day, it’s nice to have a day to celebrate it a little more. There seems to be a positive trend in getting big companies that are big polluters to take responsibility and mitigate their ecological and climate impacts. This is fantastic progress, but I think it is important to further examine how, with our daily actions, we can live lighter on the earth.

Even though our impacts are small compared to large companies, it is wise to “think green” every day. This creates a culture of sustainability in which we are positive role models for each other, demonstrating environmentally sound behaviors and teaching sustainable living by example.

For example, if I start collecting my friend’s compost every time I visit him and tell him why composting is good for the climate, maybe he could create one himself.

If my mother makes a donation to a non-profit organization for wildlife conservation, I could possibly adopt this behavior. We influence our family, our friends and even our acquaintances more than we realize. So let’s not hesitate to share our eco-responsible behavior, it could inspire others to do the same. Eventually, our green habits could spread across the world. So please, my friends, share your good deeds.

Rebecca Canright


Rebecca R. Santistevan