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2002-Nov-3 ... Rob's D&D Campaign

If you figure out how to do this, let us know, would ya?

Shawn: "I tie his eyes together."

2002-Sep-26 ... Rob's D&D Campaign

The trickery of lockery.

Shawn: "Is it locked?"
Rob: "Yeah."
Shawn: (rolls, and gets a 2) "It's still locked."

2002-Sep-25 ... Jason's D&D Campaign

Garage? Which one, the two-wagon or the three-wagon?

Jason: (referring to some dead orcs) "So what are you guys doing with the bodies?"
Shawn: "I put them in the garage."

2002-Sep-14 ... Jason's D&D Campaign

Jason and Arvind noticed that Shawn was using a character printed out from the program that comes with the D&D core books. Jason figured that it would be annoying to print off the character sheet after every level-up…but didn't know it'd be that much trouble…

Shawn: "Well, at 250 sheets a page…"

2002-Sep-14 ... Jason's D&D Campaign

The party just wasted a pair of startled orcs near a well-travelled, yet oddly deserted, path.

Shawn: "I pull the two shrubs into the bodies."

2002-May-18 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

Shawn: "Never aged a cent."

2001-Oct-15 ...

Shawn: "I grab onto her with the other leg."

2001-Sep-19 ... Rob's mutant campaign "Genesis"

While referring to the mutant spider in the group who had been kidnapped and mysteriously returned (mostly) unharmed, he muttered...

Shawn: "Oh no. Now HE's been bugged."

2001-Sep-11 ...

Shawn: "Giving blood makes me doozy!"

2001-Aug-30 ... Shawn's Star Wars campaign

While he was GM'ing Star Wars, Shawn's TV mysteriously came on all of a sudden (we still don't know why) and he asked...

Shawn: "Who turned on the Freighter?"