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2003-Jan-30 ... Arvind's Beyonders Campaign

Jason was thinking "snazzy" at the time… he seems to be getting pretty bad with his puns… gotta admit he's quick about it…

Rob: "So do you have a fondness for alligator briefcases?"
Jason: "I … uh … don't believe in snappy things like that."

2002-Oct-22 ... Rob's D&D Campaign


Rob: "They look less well constructed."

2002-Oct-10 ... Rob's D&D Campaign

The characters were about ready to kill of a lone kobold, and he turned to one of the players and wanted to ask him if he wanted to finish him off.
You could imagine the look on Shawn's face when he heard those words… *grin*

Rob: "Would you like to step up and finish off the halfling?"

2002-Oct-6 ...

This definitely raised some eyebrows…most were delayed.

Rob: "That was the name of her father's husband."

2002-Sep-26 ... Rob's D&D Campaign

The trickery of lockery.

Shawn: "Is it locked?"
Rob: "Yeah."
Shawn: (rolls, and gets a 2) "It's still locked."

2002-Sep-26 ... Rob's D&D Campaign

He meant to say gold, but, what the hell, eh?

Rob: "One hard earned girl."

2002-May-19 ... Rob's Dark Ages campaign

Rob: "The arms are afoot."

2002-May-19 ... Rob's Dark Ages campaign

Rob: "Alright guys, blood up, willpower down."

2002-May-19 ... Rob's Dark Ages campaign

Rob: "All kindred cities have presence."

2002-May-18 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

Rob: "I should be looking at the right side of the street .. Uh, of the sheet."