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2000-Dec-27 ... 6:15 PM

Rishi: "There, in the Sanctuary, amidst a gathering of moisty mist, is where you appear."

2000-??-?? ...

Rishi: "Get outta here, or I'll take you by the scruff of your pants and the seat of your neck and throw you out!"

1999-04-?? ...

Rob caught this quote from Rishi one night when Rish was GM'ing a solo-session for Arvind. What was really funny was that neither player or GM caught it.

Rishi: "I want the three of their heads in alive!"

1999-04-?? ... Rob's AD&D/Whitewolf Game (long dead)

Rob GM's one AD&D-style game for Rishi, Arvind and Jason. In April of 1999, we had the opportunity to play the game, yours truly (Jason) armed with a new character. At one point during the adventure they were in a swamp that was infested with giant centipedes. I wanted to take a closer look at one of these insects and promptly skewered one with mylong dagger. Rishi took it upon himself to say "Shishkabog!" That was bad for one major reason...the "bog" that he replaced for "bob". Booing and hissing soon followed.

1997-07-?? ...

"As I recall, it was the Summer of 97, the final role-playing session I attended before I left for Toronto. We had been roleplaying all day, we took a break, and restarted around midnight. Or at least we tried to. Talon had received a vision of things to come - a mysterious woman (who turned out to be a gorgon) in the desert. So the group decided to go out into the desert, they were making plans on how to survive in the wasteland. Unfortunately, the whole group started making bad jokes - the killer was Jason saying we could use dead squirrels as waterskins, Rob said we could suck the squirrels' penises as ready-made straws. After that, Rob eighty-six'ed the session, saying that bad joke was too much we needed to stop for the day/night. Now, isn't that a group effort worth posting??"