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2000-Dec-6 ... Arvind's Beyonders campaign

Jean-Luc: "I'm now wearing a drenchcoat."

2000-Dec-4 ... Arvind's Beyonders campaign

Jean-Luc: "I now have an Intelligence of 4!"
Arvind: "Okay, now do try to act it."

2000-Oct-28 ... Arvind's Beyonders campaign

Jean-Luc: "There's only one guy I want to kick the asses."

2000-Oct-14 ... meal break

With a recent topic on the fuses in the fuse box at JL's and Arv's apartment (of which Rob pointed out there were a countless number of "kitchen plug" fuses), Jean-Luc takes a quick survey and reports on the number of plugs.

Jean-Luc: "Hey guys, there's three chicken plugs."

2000-Oct-14 ... Arvind's Beyonders campaign

To settle a minor argument, Jean-Luc was trying to say to Arvind that he really did specify his character was wearing dress clothes.

Jean-Luc: "I precised my dress clothes."
Arvind: "What's that supposed to mean??"
Jean-Luc: "...(pauses)...I don't know!"

2000-Sep-30 ... Arvind's Beyonders campaign

Jean-Luc: "I'm not getting rid of it. It has cemental value to it."
Rob: "Sentimal? Cement value? Cent...centennial value? Cementenental? Sentinel?"

2000-Sep-29 ... Jean-Luc's Ravels of Time campaign

Jean-Luc: "He was caught with a gun in his...uh..."
Rob: "Glove compartment?"
Jean-Luc: "Yeah, there was a gun in the glove department."

2000-Sep-29 ... Jean-Luc's Ravels of Time campaign

Jean-Luc: "You wake up."
Arvind: "So I live a long and happy life, right?"

2000-Sep-28 ...

Jean-Luc: "Do you smell what I see?"

2000-Jun-1 ... Arvind's Beyonders campaign, in session

Jean-Luc, playing John Lee: "I'm gonna put my forcefield around Rob."
Rob, playing Ryan Eisler but speaking as himself: "...I think Ryan would appreciate it more..." (and smiles)