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2003-Feb-1 ... Arvind's Beyonders Campaign

Thank you, Jason, for such a witty, nasty, horrible, icky comeback. Very punny…

Arvind: "Every time I get my car repaired, it gets shot up the next day. I have *bad* luck."
Jason: "It's car-ma!"

2003-Jan-30 ... Arvind's Beyonders Campaign

Jason was thinking "snazzy" at the time… he seems to be getting pretty bad with his puns… gotta admit he's quick about it…

Rob: "So do you have a fondness for alligator briefcases?"
Jason: "I … uh … don't believe in snappy things like that."

2002-Oct-10 ... Rob's D&D Campaign

One of the party members was severely wounded, and was bleeding to death. Jason, with his usual heroics, announced his typical action with an atypical mode of thought.

Jason: "I stop him from healing."

2002-10-?? ... Rob's D&D Campaign

The players were invited to a lunch with a small town's mayor, and he was telling the adventurers about what was needed to be done. At one point, our GM Rob dropped his pen on the floor while asking for Perception rolls. Jason, luck always on his side, botched his roll and, in character, started up what would become one of our better inside jokes.

Jason: "You dropped your fork."

2002-Sep-25 ... Jason's D&D Campaign

Garage? Which one, the two-wagon or the three-wagon?

Jason: (referring to some dead orcs) "So what are you guys doing with the bodies?"
Shawn: "I put them in the garage."

2002-Sep-19 ... Jason's D&D Campaign

We all know mages can't wear armour, because it affects spellcasting ability. But when it starts affecting wearing your armour, well damn!!

Jason: (to Bill) "You can wear armour, but it will affect your armour."

2002-Sep-15 ... Rob's Prey for Dawn campaign

Jason was talking about a possible dead body, and he wanted the coronor, or the meat wagon. I guess he was hungry at the time and wanted to order out…

Jason: "I call in for a patty wagon."

2002-Sep-14 ... Jason's D&D Campaign

Jason was just getting used to GM'ing again when he came across his old nemesis: Downtime.

Jason: "So you've been walking down the trail and a couple of trees go by."

2002-May-19 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

Bare in mind it was 3:47 in the morning.

Arvind: "Jay, your turn is over."
Jason: "Then stop looking at me!"

2002-May-19 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

Jason: "Malkavians Anonymous"