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2002-May-19 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

Arvind: (to Bill, aka Joseph Miller) "You need to remember what makes you Bruce."
Bill: "Nothing makes me Bruce!"

2002-May-18 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

Bill: "Force Bitch Slap!"

2001-Sep-11 ... One of Rob's campaigns

Bill's character was using a vampiric power to heighten his senses so he could be more alert, so he made sure to tell Rob that...

Bill: "My sensors are heightened."

2000-Jul-3 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

Rob: "For the non-thesaurically inclined, what's ferver?"
Arvind: "Uh, it's vigour, zeal, excitement. Bill, you know what I meant didn't you?"
Bill: [waves his hands to prompt Arvind to continue with the game] "Go on..."

2000-Jul-1 ... A roleplaying session

Jason had misheard what Bill said...

Bill: "She'll be here in five and a half hours."
Jason: "What did you say? A few and a half hours?!?"

2000-May-20 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

As the party was preparing to take on more evil in the city of San Fernando, Joe Miller (played by Bill) offered these 'last words' to his in-game sweetie Isis.

Bill, as Joe Miller: "Don't worry...*kiss*...this'll be quick."

1999-Dec-24 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

The party was wondering if there were any ways to wake up the Kindred who were in a deep sleep (which wasn't torport in this case), and someone had brought up Selatia the Temptress, a seductive and alluring woman who could quite easily draw the gaze of all men. It was one of her powers actually. And then Bill offers…

Bill: "Maybe she can arouse them awake..."

1999-06-?? ... Rob's Dark Ages campaign revival

Arvind: "What's out there?"
Bill: "A Sabbat pack!"
Arvind: "How many are there?"
Bill: "A lot more than we saw yesterday!!"
Arvind: "But how many ARE there??"
Bill: "They're filling up the streets!!!"
Arvind: (pauses)..."That's a lot more than we saw yesterday..."

1999-Jan-2 ... Rob's online Midian campaign played offline

Bill has suggested a new word for the new year. Thus, it is...

Bill: "Interpretate"

1998-??-?? ... Arvind's Dark Ages campaign

Bill was playing a very religious catholic, and with the party they were defending a castle from demons and possessed minions.

Bill: "EAT THIS!! the name of GOD!"