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2003-May-10 ... Arvind's Beyonders Campaign

Soon he's gonna be sleeping with the cement blocks, and wearing fish boots.

Arvind (as "Smoke"): "I may have rubbed some toes the wrong way."

2003-Apr-17 ... Arvind's Beyonders Campaign

I bet you're wondering what he's trying to say? Imagine the word "memo". Make the e long, yeah, that's it… another spectacular and memorable word from Arvind's vo-kab-ewe-larry.

Arvind: "Mee-moe"

2003-Feb-1 ... Arvind's Beyonders Campaign

Thank you, Jason, for such a witty, nasty, horrible, icky comeback. Very punny…

Arvind: "Every time I get my car repaired, it gets shot up the next day. I have *bad* luck."
Jason: "It's car-ma!"

2002-May-19 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

Arvind: (to Bill, aka Joseph Miller) "You need to remember what makes you Bruce."
Bill: "Nothing makes me Bruce!"

2002-May-19 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

Bare in mind it was 3:47 in the morning.

Arvind: "Jay, your turn is over."
Jason: "Then stop looking at me!"

2002-May-19 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

Arvind managed another envelator slip.

2002-May-18 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

Arvind: "You're supernaturally sharp-scented."

2001-08-?? ... On-line Diablo II Session

The party had found their umpteenth wolf head for the party's Druid.

Jason: "Holy wolfheads bearman"
Arvind: "Gag Ack Spit!"

2001-May-21 ... Arvind's Millenium campaign

Jason, Shawn and Arvind were trying to mutter Bishop Sarc's name, but they ended up calling him "Bishop Shark".

2001-May-19 ...

Before now we only had butt-kicking legs.

Arvind: "At least now we have walkable legs."