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2002-Oct-12 ... Shawn's place

On this drizzly October morning, the guys gathered together outside of Shawn's place to help bring Arvind's stuff downstairs. Because of the drizzle, it was decided that someone should be inside to carry the stuff around without tracking on the floor. It's unfortunate, however, that Jason's brain and his mouth go on strike a lot…

Jason: "Maybe someone should go in and take off their feet."


Unfortunately said without witnesses, while listening to Rammstein, sung by Rammstein, he tried to imagine it being done in the style of an Irish Drinking Song, in German.

Jason: "Sounds like a German Singing Dong!"


Arvind: "Hehe. The Accident Of Life!"
Jason: (thinks a moment)…"A.O.L.!! Oh my God!!"
Arvind: "Now there's an accident!"


Meekishly said while talking about his gut... sounded much more sicker in person.

Jason: "I'm afraid if I ... suck it ... in anymore ... it'll get stuck."

2002-Apr-13 ... Over the phone…

Said while talking to Jason on the phone.

Arvind: "Feel flee to crawl me later."

2002-Apr-13 ... Over the phone…

Said while talking to Arvind on the phone.

Jason: "I believe it plays Saturdays and Sundays, on the weekends."

2001-Oct-17 ... Enterprise - "Unexpected"

On the episode "Unexpected" of Enterprise, I couldn't contain the laughter when, in one scene, two klingons were examining the holographic technology aboard the alien ship, and they're looking at a re-creation of their homeworld QoNos. One of the Klingons points into the city declaring,

Klingon: "I can see my house from here!"


Two of Pat's most common/favorite words to mess up -- sometimes even on purpose (so he says) -- are...

Pat: "Disorientated" and "Engimilish"


While talking about visiting the dentist, Jenny brought up the dentist in Little Shop of Horrors. She was talking about how much he (the dentist) enjoyed his work and how he was so sadistic that...

Jenny: "He got so much enjoyment ripping people's limbs out of their mouths."


Jenny wanted to take off her shoes to get more comfortable, so she told Rob to hold the wheel while she got her...

Jenny: "Freet fee."